Trends? OMG

If you’re browsing this website, looking for what-to-wears, cute hair tutorials or fashion inspiration, I have to disappoint you, because I am not about that life. On Trend Teacher you can read about trends on a way bigger and important scale. Confused? That’s okay, so I was when I started doing this. Let me break it down for you.

By trends I mean the changes in attitude and behaviour on a societal, consumer or market level. I will mostly write about market and consumer trends, but I will explain all three nevertheless.

A trend, change, shift or however you may feel like naming it, always starts with a bunch of weak signals. Weak signals are products, services or hypes like the Harlem Shake or the Don’t Judge Me Challenge. These signals form the building blocks of your research. Once you’ve garnered enough information, you start analysing this big pile of signals to see if you can spot a pattern. If you can substantiate your pattern with reliable sources and even more information you may have spotted a market trend. Hurray!

1. Market/ micro trends are, as you probably would’ve guessed, the smallest of the three. They mostly revolve around changes in specific markets. These micro changes are, in contrast to the other two levels, very much tangible. Emotional Technology and Accesship are two great examples, one of which is this week’s trend of the week (not a coincidence).
2. Consumer/ macro trends are the second largest. Their time spam lasts from 5 up to 10 years. These changes can be defined as a shift in values and needs from consumers. Convenience and Togetherness are two very current and prominent consumer trends right now.
3. Societal/ mega trends are the largest trends in the book. They last from 10 up to 50 years and are the most complex of the three. These changes have a huge impact on society as a whole, think Globalization and Aging.

This is what I do in a nutshell as a junior trend watcher and what you can expect from me on this website. Aside from that I’m also operational in the field of concept development, which puts the trend information to good use. But here on Trend Teacher I’m primarily focused on spotting changes in society, consumer behaviourism and markets. If you want to see some of my work, if you have questions, or if you simply want to get in touch, feel free to do so.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to read all about this week’s trend Emotional Technology!

All the best, and thanks for embarking on this journey with me. 🙂

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