Emotional Technology: EXPOSED

There have been quite a few movie releases in the past couple of years that revolve around artificial intelligence (The Avengers, anyone?). Robots that get designed to help us, but end up seeing the human race as an error on earth and consequently try to eradicate our entire existence. It may seem to be far from the actual truth, but is it?

The tech world we live in right now is inescapable, there’s no way going around it. Most people can’t and won’t leave their home without a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This close relationship we have with our devices, has lead to a new movement of connectedness that has been going on for quite a while now: Emotional Technology.

This micro trend is all about enhancing the human emotions and feelings via technology, developed solely to improve your emotional wellbeing. A few years back there was no such thing as a bond between device and user, but now there most certainly is. This artificial bond has lead to an array of companies responding to this change in consumer behaviour.

In my previous post I told you about macro- and mega trends as well. I don’t expect you to already know which macro and mega trends Emotional Technology matches with (yet). If you did, kudos to you! If you did not, no worries, that’s why I’m here. The macro (or consumer) trends E.T. fits best with are connectivity, humanisation and self-care.

Connectivity: Our need to always stay connected with our surroundings.
Humanisation: The fact that technology is becoming part of our anatomy, both mentally and physically.
Inline: Combining both off- and online elements to create an immersive experience.

The mega (or societal) trend it matches best with is digitalisation. Don’t “well duh” me on that last one, I’m just stating the facts here. 😉

The way I see it our digital future can unfold itself in two ways: it can either take over, or intertwine even more with our daily life and improve our quality of life in doing so. I personally think the second option is the one we’re heading towards right now, looking at movements like Emotional Technology. That doesn’t mean I’m not here for some more kick-ass sci-fi movies though. Ha!

Check out a new Trend Teacher post this weekend, where I’ll show you some campaigns, products and services (the weak signals I told you about previously) that perfectly represent what Emotional Technology is all about.

All the best,

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